Episode 29 – Nigel Lawrence

Nigel Lawrence is a talented comedian and writer who splits time between in LA and Canada. He’s one of the cleverest in the biz and is a great example of the combination and work ethic needed to succeed in entertainment. We chat about getting through the rough waters of a comedy career and creative process. One of my favourite moments … Read More

Episode 28 – Erica Sigurdson

Erica Sigurdson is one of the best comics in the country and she sat down with me at the Laugh Shop in Calgary for a catch up chat. We reminisce about the early days of our standup careers and how the memories did flow! Her first solo album called “Situational Feminist” is now available on CD baby and you should … Read More

Episode 27 – Rory Scovel

Rory Scovel joins me by phone this week for a hilarious and serious conversation about the biz! Rory is one of the comics I really enjoy watching and he reminds me of how much fun it is to be doing all this for a living. You may have seen Rory on numerous late night tv shows or on his Netflix … Read More

Episode 26 – Danny Greaves

Danny Greaves sits down with me this week for an All Uncovered chat for you Boneyarders out there! Danny is of course the lead singer of the great Canadian rock band The Watchmen who are into their 30th year on the music scene. He reveals that he has a new found gratitude for the band, the music they’ve made, and … Read More

Episode 25 – Craig Conroy

Go Flames Go!!! This week my guest is the Calgary Flames Assistant General Manager Craig Conroy. Craig had a great career as a Flame and now finds himself on the other side of the hockey business. Craig is as nice a dude as you’ll meet and you’ll hear what I’m talking about when you listen this week. Trent McClellan’s Website … Read More

Episode 24 – Lamont Ferguson

Lamont Ferguson out of lovely Long Beach, California joins me and we talk about the state of comedy. Lamont is one talented comic who takes his job very seriously. His work ethic and business smarts are both inspiring and contagious. Find out why he took only one accordion lesson as a child but how it became a great piece of … Read More

Episode 23 – Stephanie Labbe

Stephanie Labbe is the goalkeeper with the Canadians Women’s National Soccer team and she stopped by for an an amazing chat about her journey through the sport, coaching styles, and the importance of mental toughness. This is a great episode for athletes who want to take it to the next level while trying to remain happy at the same time. … Read More

Episode 22 – Lori Gibbs

Lori Gibbs always brings the positivity to any conversation and she did exactly that on this episode of The Generators! She has had a very successful career as a comedian, public speaker, and radio personality and she is one deep thinker on top of all that. This episode really explores what it takes to be happy in life and why … Read More

Episode 21 – Mike Commodore

Mike Commodore and I have an incredible conversation about real life in the NHL. The former NHL veteran and Stanley Cup winner gives me as candid a look inside pro sports as I could ask for. Find out how tough it was to play against Pavel Datsuyk and how boredom can be a tough obstacle for pro athletes. Mike recounts … Read More

Episode 20 – Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn has established himself as one of the top comedians in Canada. Currently residing in Vancouver he has toured internationally, won awards and featured in numerous TV specials. In 2009 he started the Snowed in Comedy Tour which featured Ed Byrne, Craig Campbell and Glenn Wool which started out as 9 shows. Years later, it’s now turned into one of … Read More